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Welcome to my goldfish photo page. Here you will see all the goldfish that I have raised over the years. These pictures where done with a digital camera and alot of patience.
Hope you enjoy! All pitures are Copy Righted by Koko 1999 to 2008
Click thumb nails to Enlarge!

These are all my current goldfish. Pharoh my Choco Oranda.
Junbi my Black Ranchu.
Chester Was my Green oranda.
Dede my amazing Red Cap oranda (made it threw Dropsy twice)
Mr.T the one with the Amazing large Wen and on the banner.
Cheers my saras comet
Mars whose not there yet, is my best friends fish.....long story there.
Fionia my newest fish, will be shown soon!

I have three tanks and one pond
1. 36 gal tank with a 2026 Eheim pro and a Eheim hang on filter, UV sterilizer.
2. 45 gal tank with a 304 Fluval and a corner filter.
3. 30 gal Eclipse tank.
4. 30 gal pond.

To see images just click to enlarge!

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